We are former Senior Prosecutors who have specialized in advocating for the criminally accused for almost three decades...

Since 1987, Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers Paul Takakjian and Stephen Sitkoff have dedicated their legal practice to defending and preserving the rights of individuals charged with misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses. Our criminal defense attorneys specialize in representing clients in Los Angeles, as well as throughout Southern California — including Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange Counties — in criminal cases involving DUI, Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, Theft Crimes, Domestic Violence and Violent Crimes, and DMV License Suspension Hearings.

Recent Criminal Defense Case Results...

Petty Theft – PC 484(a)

Locations: LAX Court – People v. R.P.

Case Details:  Client charged with shoplifting $235 worth of merchandise from a Target store at the Fox Hills Mall.

Case Outcome:  Case dismissed after negotiating diversion deal with prosecutors.

Felony Grand Theft, Insurance Fraud – C 487(a), PC 550(a)(5)

Location: Criminal Courts Building – People v. E.K.

Case Details:  Client charged with 3 felony fraud and theft counts for defrauding an employer of approximately $27,000.

Case Outcome:  Charges reduced to misdemeanor with expungement to be granted upon successful completion of 3 years probation as a result of proactively arranging for full restitution to victim.

PC 851.8 – Finding of Factual Innocence

Location: Inglewood Court – People v. G.H.

Case Outcome:  *Client contacted our firm to expunge a 1979 conviction to misdemeanor DUI.  Upon closer review, we learned our client was arrested for both VC 23152 (a)(b) DUI and PC 12020 felony possession of a dangerous weapon.   Although the felony charge was dismissed through plea bargain, our client still had a felony arrest record for a charge he was factually innocent of.  After El Segundo Police Department ignored our request to destroy the record of the felony arrest, a PC 1203.4 expungement petition was filed with the Inglewood Court and was eventually granted by the judge, dismissing the misdemeanor count.  A separate petition for finding of factual innocence under PC 851.8 was filed on our client’s behalf to seal and destroy his felony arrest record.  After a 20 minute hearing, the judge agreed to grant our petition to destroy all record of the felony arrest and found our client factually innocent of the felony charge.

Misdemeanor Solicitation – PC 647(b)

Location: Harbor Justice Center (Newport Beach) – People v. A.D.

Case Outcome:  *Client arrested after visiting “massage parlor” and soliciting an undercover police officer for sex. Due to our client’s profession as a pediatrician, a conviction for this offense could have ended his career. After instructing our client to attend counseling and then submitting his proof of progress to the deputy district attorney, we convinced her to agree to dismiss the charge against our client after he completed an HIV awareness class, submitted a DNA sample, and avoided criminal activity for 90 days.

Misdemeanor Domestic Battery – PC 243(e)1

Location: North Justice Center (Fullerton) – People v. L.O.

Case Outcome:  *Client arrested for slapping wife after returning home from work to find her video chatting nude with another man. After presenting an apology letter written by the victim, as well as successfully arguing that the victim bore a certain degree of moral responsibility and blame for the unfortunate incident, the deputy DA relented and agreed to reduce the domestic violence charge to PC 415 disturbing the peace.



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Decades Of Courtroom Experience You Can Trust

During the critical moments following your arrest and throughout your criminal case, our experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers and knowledgeable staff help you navigate these uncharted waters. With over 70 years of combined California criminal law experience, Mr. Takakjian and Mr. Sitkoff are widely recognized as two of the top criminal lawyers in Los Angeles. Being prosecuted for a criminal offense in Los Angeles is a stressful experience as you face numerous potential life altering uncertainties. Therefore, it is vital that you seek legal defense representation from an experienced criminal attorney with a track record of success defending cases similar to yours in Los Angeles.

If you have been arrested or have found yourself targeted as a suspect in a criminal investigation, do not delay and call our LA criminal defense attorneys today at (888) 579-4844 for a free case analysis to learn how the following experience can help you achieve the best possible case resolution:

  • Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys Paul Takakjian and Stephen Sitkoff have each practiced law for over 35 years and both are former senior LA deputy district attorneys who previously prosecuted cases in virtually every criminal court in Los Angeles County.
  • Managing Partner Paul Takakjian, during his tenure with the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, was a special prosecutor in the the Sex Crimes and Hardcore Gang special prosecution units. Mr. Takakjian is certified as a Criminal Law Specialist by the California Board of Legal Specialization and holds a 10.0 AVVO rating.
  • Managing Partner Stephen Sitkoff, during his tenure with the LA District Attorney's Office, was a special prosecutor in the Sex Crimes special prosecution unit. In addition, Mr. Sitkoff is a former Superior Court Commissioner and is AV Rated by Martindale-Hubbell.
  • Our defense attorneys exclusively practice Criminal Defense and DUI Defense in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

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Whether you are charged with a first offense misdemeanor or you have a lengthy criminal history and were recently arrested for a felony, you can rest assured we will take the necessary steps and utilize every resource available to us to prepare the best legal defense possible. For a candid assessment of your case, please call our West Los Angeles office now at (888) 579-4844 for a free consultation to learn what your options are and how we can help you. For convenience, we maintain office locations in the following cities:

Torrance, Encino, Glendale, Long Beach, Pasadena, Woodland Hills, West Covina, Burbank, Cerritos, Whittier,Norwalk, Santa Clarita, Oxnard, Westlake Village, Orange, Newport Beach, and Huntington Beach




What Our Clients Say About Our Legal Defense Team...

I want to thank you for all the tireless work and information you provided to us in the matter of J.C., Jr. We know God placed you in our path.  We have little money but our faith is strong.  We will keep you in our prayers.  I thank you again, J.C., Sr.

Thank you very much for your efforts to obtain justice for our son. There was no way that we could have compiled enough information on our son to exonerate him. Without your assistance, he might have been a casualty of the justice system instead of a success. You are a very compassionate man who is willing to go the extra mile to help your fellow man. Our son’s story could have had an unhappy ending if not for your tireless dedication. God bless you. D.C.

Thanks for being the person you are. I will never forget you and will always have an appreciation so deep every time I think of you. That year had a nightmarish, surreal quality about it and I thought it would never end or at least would never end well. I taught in the prison system for years, so I was aware injustices happen all the time and I know what happens in prisons to inmates in for crimes against children. Also, my son being a “cop”… it was the worst nightmare imaginable. Yet, through all this, I clung to your professionalism, your astuteness and your ability to work the issues. I have thought since then that you are so many people’s only hope. What an incredible responsibility. I feel for you. For us you were a lifesaver. I don’t believe it was an accident that out of all the hundreds of names on the internet that my son zeroed in on you to represent him. This was not luck. Frankly, this was power greater than all of us… love, god, whatever you want to call it. Thank you again. Oh how words are so inadequate. So many thanks for being the person you are. – F.E.

We wanted to thank you so very much for representing Cory. We could not be more relieved with the outcome. We are so grateful to you and your staff. We know that you worked hard and there were many obstacles. It was a pleasure meeting you and we will definitely recommend you in the future to anyone who may be in need of you services- hopefully not “us” (bet you hear that often!). We filled out your review on AVVO and hope that brings in more business for you. Although, you seem to be extremely busy already…. Are you sure you want more work? Maybe a nice vacation or early retirement would be a better idea? Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts and God bless you and your family now and always. – M.S, K.S, C.S

First of all, thank you for doing such a wonderful job representing me at the DMV… It is quite obvious to me that the outcome would have been dramatically different without your help. You are very good at what you do and I am very grateful for your representation. – B.R.