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Have you been arrested or placed under investigation for a Sex Crime? If so, contact our Los Angeles sex crimes lawyers now for a free case review. Sex crimes are aggressively investigated and prosecuted by each law enforcement and prosecutorial agency throughout Southern California. The consequences of a conviction are significant, and the impact can extend beyond the fines and potential state prison sentences. Lifetime registration as a sex offender under California Penal Code 290 ensures those convicted of a registrable sex offense are never able to escape their past. Therefore, the experience and quality of your sex crime defense attorney can be the single most critical factor towards achieving a successful outcome of your case. 


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Los Angeles Sex Crimes Attorneys Eugene Hanrahan and Stephen Sitkoff have each practiced criminal law for almost 3 decades as former prosecutors in the Los Angeles DA’s office’s elite sex crimes special prosecution unit and since 1987, Los Angeles sex crimes defense lawyers with expertise in defending the sex crimes.

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An accusation of a sex crime against a minor understandably generates strong emotions. Unfortunately, these emotions can diminish the objectivity of law enforcement and prosecutors. This rush to judgment has resulted in the investigation, arrest, or conviction of many innocent people. In Los Angeles, allegations of a sex crime against a minor often begin with pretext phone call to the suspect or “target.” If you are a suspect in a sex crime against a minor investigation, you would likely receive one of these phone calls, which involve either the alleged victim, or alleged victim’s friend or family member contacting you by phone attempting to coax you into admitting guilt while a sex crime detective listens in on the call. Your statements in response to the allegations lodged against you would be admissible evidence, and it can and will be used against you. If you suspect you are or may become the target of a sex crime investigation into an accusation of committing a Lewd Act Against a Minor, Child Annoyance, Possession of Child Pornography, or Statutory rape, refrain from making any statements and immediately contact our Los Angeles sex crime defense attorneys.

Technology has completely transformed our means of communication. The internet, social media sites, email, text messaging and smartphone applications have given us access to various forms of anonymous electronic communication. The veil of anonymity chat rooms provided was removed in November 2004 when Dateline NBC aired its first episode of their reality television series, “To Catch a Predator.”  This series captured the attention of the nation and California lawmakers resulting in the enactment of California Penal Code section 288.3(a) in 2006.  Under PC 288.3(a) and PC288.4(a), it is a felony sex crime for any person who knowingly communicates or attempts to communicate with a person who is a minor with the intent to arrange a meeting for the purposes of committing a lewd act.  Conviction to either one of these sex offenses carries mandatory registration as a sex offender.  There are many other forms of internet or “cybersex” crimes, such as Possession or Distribution of Child Pornography, Arranging a Meeting With a Minor to Commit a Lewd Act, and sexting nude images to a minor, which is defined under PC 288.2 as illegally sending obscene images or materials to a minor via electronic means for the purposes of sexual gratification or to seduce a child. If you have been contacted by a sex crime detective or have had a search warrant executed on your electronic property, you should not make any statements, and immediately contact sex crime lawyer with experience and expertise in defending internet sex crimes in Los Angeles.   

In Los Angeles, not all sex crimes are considered “straight felonies.” For example, California sex crimes such as Indecent Exposure, Unlawful Intercourse with a Minor (Statutory Rape), and Sexual Assault and Sexual Battery are considered “wobbler offenses,” making each of them eligible to be prosecuted as either felony or misdemeanor sex crimes. Whether you are charged with a felony or misdemeanor depends on factors, such as your prior criminal record and if aggravating circumstances exist.  Alternatively, some Los Angeles sex crimes are considered “straight misdemeanors,” such as Lewd Act in Public, Child Annoyance, Solicitation, and Prostitution. Although misdemeanors are viewed as less serious than felonies, especially in Los Angeles, a misdemeanor sex crime can carry some of the same consequences as a felony sex crime, such as jail time and worst of all, lifetime sex offender registration.

The most serious crimes in Los Angeles are felony sex crimes. Offenses such as Rape, Sodomy, Lewd Act with a Minor Under 14, Penetration with a Foreign Object, and Oral Copulation are felony sex crimes which carry lengthy California State Prison sentences and mandatory sex offender registration. Lifetime sex offender registration would make you subject to Megan’s Law, which mandates your inclusion on the national and California sex offender registries. On display to the public through the online registry would be your residential address, sex crime you were convicted of, and your photograph. The impact of a felony sex crime conviction is life changing and permanent. Therefore as expert Los Angeles sex crime lawyers, we put our 70 plus years of combined criminal trial experience to work for you to either secure a plea agreement to a lesser offense with no sex offender registration, or your acquittal at trial.  

Victims who are older than 65 years of age are afforded the same special consideration and protections as provided to minor children. Therefore, any unlawful and willful act of violence against this protected class would be charged with Elder Abuse. PC 368 can also be charged in nonviolent situations if you are accused of committing theft against an elder or neglecting an elder whom you have been entrusted to care for.

Also known as “Terrorist Threats“, this domestic violence-related crime is described as willfully threatening to commit a crime which will result in death or injury to a current or former spouse, cohabitant, or a person you currently have or previously had an engagement or dating relationship with by way of verbal, written, or electronic communication. As a “wobbler” offense, PC 422 can be prosecuted as either a felony or misdemeanor, depending on aggravating factors. Furthermore, a felony Criminal Threats conviction is categorized as a serious felony, making it strikeable under California’s 3 Strikes Law.

Penalties for Misdemeanor Sex Crimes

Misdemeanor sex crime allegations in California cover a range of offenses, such as sexual misconduct and some first-time sexual crimes. If convicted, defendants are liable for lesser charges compared to felony sex crimes. They might face fines ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, probation, or a county jail sentence of a few months to a few years.

One of the most important factors impacting misdemeanor sex crime charges is the defendant’s background, including their criminal history. First-time defendants with no sex crime allegations on their record may get lighter sentences or access to legal options such as counseling or rehabilitation programs instead of prison time.

Penalties for Felony Sex Crimes

Compared to a misdemeanor charge, felony sex crimes typically carry harsher sentences. Felony charges almost always require those convicted to register as a sex offender, even if it’s a first offense. However, some sex crimes carry a wobbler status, meaning they can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on various factors.

For first-degree felonies, defendants face hefty sentences ranging from a few years to life in prison, depending on the harm caused and criminal intent. Fines can extend to thousands of dollars for first-degree felony sex offenses. Second-degree felony sex crimes carry slightly less harsh punishments but may include several years of incarceration and significant fines.

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