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Regarded as authoritative experts in all aspects of California criminal law, criminal attorneys Paul Takakjian and Stephen Sitkoff have been frequently interviewed and quoted by the Los Angeles Times, Court TV, Extra, Fox News, People Magazine as well as other media outlets to offer legal commentary on criminal law related news topics.

What Is A “Watson Murder?”

by Attorney Paul Takakjian, Partner

“Justice For Victim’s Act”: The Unintended Consequences

by Attorney Paul Takakjian, Partner

USA Today: New Bill Cosby revelations are ‘devastating’

“The revelations aren’t likely to lead to legal prosecution against Cosby because of the time that has passed since the alleged crimes, says Steve Sitkoff, a Los Angeles-based criminal defense attorney and former senior prosecutor with the Los Angeles District Attorneys office”.

Daily News: Gang Members Won’t Be Executed

“He feels very bad for what he has done, especially to his family,” Sitkoff said. “He wants to be a living example of what happens when you go astray. I hope all of them, in whatever fashion, will make something of their lives.”

LA Times: The Legacy of a Slaying : Westwood Gang Shooting Alters Public Attitudes, Police Tactics

“It’s ironic,” said Takakjian, a former deputy district attorney who spent three years as a member of the D.A.’s hard-core gang unit before he went into private practice in 1987.

CNN: ‘West Wing’ creator pleads not guilty to drug charges

“He and his family are taking all necessary steps to ensure that he deals with the legal and personal matters at hand appropriately,” Sitkoff said.

NY Daily News: Sandra Bullock’s alleged stalker to stand trial; court hears of 911 call she made from closet after man entered her home

“The love letter that Mr. ___ carried with him professed nothing but love and admiration,” attorney Paul Takakjian said. Kiefer Sutherland to Surrender to NYPD over Scuffle

“If Sutherland’s found in violation of probation for battery, and if he was intoxicated at the time, he could very well be sentenced to another 48 days or more,” says Steve Sitkoff, an L.A. criminal defense attorney not involved with the case.

LA Times: Delaney Gets Probation for Reckless Driving

Delaney’s attorney, Steve Sitkoff, entered the plea; she was not in the courtroom.

CBS News: Police Investigate New Duke Rape Claim

The man’s lawyer, Steve Sitkoff of Los Angeles, said there was “zero truth to the allegations.”

LA Times: Guilty Plea in 5 Slayings

“It’s sort of a waste of taxpayers’ money. It’s basically a duplicative prosecution,” Sitkoff said. “They said they owed an obligation to the people of the state of California.”

NY Daily News: Not again! Lindsay Lohan will go to jail but not likely to serve full 30-day sentence: experts

“If Judge Fox said on the record that she’d get 30 days for a dirty test, it’s highly unlikely she’ll receive anything less. He’d lose credibility,” Takakjian told The News. “But he won’t exercise punitive control for the sake of being harsh. He’s one of the best judges we have and truly wants to help the people in his courtroom.”

LA Times: Trial Awaits Swedish National in Malibu Ferrari Crash Case

Eriksson’s attorney, Paul Takakjian, said that his client’s misrepresentations to customs officials didn’t support the felony embezzlement charges because Eriksson never tried to deprive the banks of ownership by taking title to the cars. Instead, Takakjian said, Eriksson simply tried to circumvent the one-car-per-person import rule.

Reuters: TV host Fred Willard fired after lewd conduct arrest

Willard’s attorney, Los Angeles-based Paul Takakjian, disputed the reason given for the arrest, but also declined to provide details.

World Entertainment News Network: Shia LaBeouf Caught Up in Knife Attack Shocker

His attorney Paul Takakjian tells American tabloid National Enquirer that he expects his client to be exonerated. He says, “Shia is completely confident of his innocence.” Could Mel Gibson Go to Jail?

“In general, it’s illegal to tape someone without their knowledge but it’s sometimes allowed in domestic violence situations,” says L.A. criminal defense attorney Steve Sitkoff. “But the law in that regard isn’t clear cut; there’s lots of gray area. If the tapes are deemed illegal, they won’t exist to a jury.

NY Times: Lawyer Gave Information to Kerkorian

Steve Sitkoff, a lawyer for Ms. Kerkorian, scoffed at the notion that she was ever a threat to anyone. “It’s ludicrous to think that she would ever mean any harm to Kirk or anyone else,” he said.

LA Times: Blake Aide Gets Outside Counsel

Over defense objections, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Lloyd M. Nash named attorney Steven D. Sitkoff as an independent counsel for Blake’s bodyguard, Earle Caldwell.

E Online: Adam Rich Cops Plea

Rich must serve three years’ probation, finish a 60-day “after-care” program and pay $1,200 in fines, his lawyer, Stephen Sitkoff, tells Los Angeles’ City News Service.

E Online: Oliver Says He Wasn’t Stoned

Outside court, his attorney, Paul Takakjian, didn’t say a whole lot–only, “He had entered a plea of not guilty, which is a complete denial of the charges.” Stone said even less. Instead of answering reporters’ questions, he pulled out a camera and took their pictures.

NY Daily News: Fred Willard gets support from Hollywood porn theater manager after lewd conduct arrest

Willard’s attorney, Paul Takakjian, told the Los Angeles Times that his client’s name will be cleared. “With all due respect to the individual officer, our belief (is) that Fred did nothing in any violation of any law,” he said in a statement. Doctor’s Paper Trail Could Aid Jackson Investigation

“It’s a high profile case, and they’re under pressure to make sure they’re doing everything correctly since everyone’s watching,” says Steve Sitkoff, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney.

Rihanna Will Testify Against Chris Brown If Subpoenaed

“The DAs are facing an uphill battle now if Rihanna isn’t cooperating,” Los Angeles defense lawyer and former prosecutor Steve Sitkoff told People magazine on Friday (March 6) about the alleged victim in the case, who reportedly reunited with Brown last weekend at a home owned by Diddy in Miami. “At this point, her cooperation can make or break the case. But the DAs may not need her if Brown is willing to strike a plea deal.”

CNN: Judge rules Michael Jackson’s business manager must testify

Paul Takakjian, Tohme’s attorney, said the defense was “tossing out a fishing line” without any knowledge that Tohme knew anything that would help their case.