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California DMV Point System

California DMV Point System

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While a traffic offense might result in immediate penalties, it is important to know that the long-term effects could be where the true problems arise. In the state of California, the DMV utilizes a system known as the DMV points system that is used to assess points for every traffic violation and at-fault traffic collision.

California Vehicle Code violations can range between 1 and 2 DMV points. However, commercial drivers can be assessed 1 and half points for traffic violations committed while operating a commercial vehicle. Therefore, DMV points are assessed in accordance with the severity of your traffic violation. For example, if you were at fault for a car accident or if you received a minor speeding violation under VC 22350, you would be assessed one point. If, however, you were convicted of a traffic misdemeanor such as reckless driving, hit and run, or DUI, you would receive two points on your driving record.

While these points might not seem like a big deal, the truth is that they can have a profound impact on your future. If you accumulate four points within a year, six points within two years or eight points within three years, the DMV has the power to either suspend or revoke your driving privileges. Beyond this, DMV points can also affect your insurance rates as your driving history will be reviewed each time you renew your policy. Therefore, if your insurance carrier recognizes your recently accumulated points, you would likely face a rate increase or have your policy terminated entirely.

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