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Obtaining Your Restricted License After A 1st DUI Conviction

After you are sentenced on your 1st DUI conviction, you will be ordered to comply with a number terms, most of which require transportation. Utilizing taxis or ride services can be extremely expensive and relying on friends or family members for rides can often be unreliable. Fortunately, you can obtain a restricted license provided you are eligible and meet the criteria set forth by the California DMV. A sentence for a 1st DUI conviction is stressful and the life adjustment required to ensure compliance to avoid violating probation can be transitioned into more smoothly with a restricted license.

Eligibility For Restricted License

Assuming you were not convicted of a DUI Refusal, which in that case you would be ineligible for restricted driving, your eligibility would begin after completing the first 30 days of your 6-month suspension. Commonly referred to as the “Hard Suspension”, this is the period of your suspension when you are prohibited from driving in any capacity. After you successfully complete this step, you must arrange for the following:

  • Obtain an SR 22 from your insurance broker or agent and have it filed with DMV
  • Have your 1st offender DUI program file your proof of enrollment with DMV
  • Have an Ignition Interlock Device or IID installed in your vehicle

It is important to note the IID requirement only applies to 1st offense DUI convictions in Los Angeles County. Convictions in other counties in Southern California will not require this step. Once you have completed each of these measures, you will be eligible to apply for your restricted license at your local DMV field office.

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