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In a recent FBI report, 20 percent of teens were found to have sent nude or partially nude photos of themselves via text message or posted the images online. A daring flirtation can end in humiliation with the click of a button that sends these sexually explicit photographs viral. In addition, young people may face legal repercussions for producing, possessing and disseminating pornographic material or stalking or bullying classmates.

Over the 25 years since Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP was founded, our lawyers have witnessed the exponential increase in prosecution of Internet crimes. A surprising number of these crimes were committed by people who had never been in trouble and did not realize what they were doing was illegal. This phenomenon is especially disturbing when kids are involved. Our legal team protects your child’s rights and provides experienced support in the juvenile system.

What is sexting?

Sexting is the act of using a phone, computer or other electronic device to send or receive sexually explicit images or messages. The transaction typically involves texting or posting on social media sites and often occurs between acquaintances, friends or intimate partners. The conduct may violate several California laws involving:

  • Child pornography — If the subject of the sexually explicit text is a minor, the material is considered child pornography.
  • Harassment — When videos or photos are taken surreptitiously or fall into the hands of a sexual predator, stalking and harassment charges may arise.
  • Cyber bullying — Sending nude photos to classmates with the intention of embarrassing or threatening the subject may be classified as bullying.

Penalties for sexting

Teens who are caught sexting may be processed through the juvenile justice system. However, an 18-year-old is treated as an adult, even if she or he is still in high school, meaning the crime is prosecuted in the California criminal courts. Your child may additionally face suspension or expulsion from school for the conduct.

Sexting is a sex crime, subject to the California sexual predator registry requirements, which can place an overwhelming burden on your child’s future. One of our priorities is to protect your child from the devastating penalty of having to register as a sexual predator.

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