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Defined under California Penal Code section 476, check fraud is the possession of or attempt to pass altered or forged personal, cashier, or money order checks from a real or fictitious financial institution with the intent to defraud another. This form of check fraud is also considered forgery and is considered a “wobbler” offense, meaning it can be prosecuted as either a felony or misdemeanor.

Another form of check fraud is commonly referred to as “NSF,”  or writing bad checks. It is also considered a “wobbler” offense, making it eligible to be prosecuted as either a misdemeanor or felony crime. Defined under California Penal code section 476a(a), it is a crime for a person to knowingly pass a check associated with a bank account with insufficient funds.

What Are The California Penalties For Check Fraud?

The penalties for a check fraud conviction in California commonly involve the following:

  • Imprisonment up to a 1 year in county jail on misdemeanors or up to 3 years in state prison on felony convictions.
  • Summary (unsupervised) probation on misdemeanors or formal (supervised) probation on felonies.
  • Fines, penalty assessments and victim restitution.
  • Community service or labor.
  • Inclusion in Chex systems

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