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Speeding Citation Defense | LA Traffic Defense Attorneys

In the state of California, traffic violations may seem like a minor aspect of the law, but the truth is that they can have serious consequences. For example, one of the most commonly ticketed violations is that of speeding. A driver can easily get distracted, stop paying attention and get a “lead foot.” Flickering lights in your rearview mirror can occur, you can find yourself getting pulled over and a ticket can find itself shoved in your glove department.

This, however, is a violation that should never be ignored. According to the 2010 California Vehicle Code §22348, charges relating to excessive speed can have serious consequences. For instance, by law, if a defendant has been caught to have been driving over 100 mph, they will be at risk of facing penalties that include a monetary fine of up to $500 and a suspension of driving privileges for up to thirty days. If they are caught and charged with a second offense, they will be facing a $750 fine and a suspension of driving privileges once more.

Understanding the basic speed law and speed limits

Per §22349 of VC, all highways are to be considered as having a speed limit of 65 mph unless decided upon by the Department of the California Highway Patrol. If the speed limit is decided to be changed to 75 mph, there will be adequate signage to warn all traffic. For two-lane highways, the speed limit is to be held at 55 mph unless posted otherwise.

By law, all drivers are to abide by posted speed limits. This, however, does not mean that they are to drive the limit at all times. In fact, lawfully, drivers are expected to adjust their speed according to extenuating factors. For example, if weather limits visibility, by law, a driver is expected to reduce their speed to a reasonable speed in which they will ensure the continuing safety of themselves and other drivers on the road.

What can an attorney do about a speeding violation?

Many assume that if they are given a speeding ticket that there is nothing else to be done. This, however, is not true. In fact, the legal assistance of a criminal defense lawyer can be an invaluable asset towards helping defend your legal rights. At Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP, we understand traffic law and know the intricate steps that can be taken to help you deal with a traffic violation of this nature.

For example, we can help to challenge the posted speed limit if we feel that it is unfair. Was proper testing and research done to ensure it was the proper speed? If there was not, we can challenge the jurisdiction and call for a traffic survey to be done to either justify or change the speed limit. We can also work to help reduce penalties – for instance, we will help to determine whether or not traffic school is a valid option.

If it is, we will fight to help you get the ticket dismissed by arguing the mandatory attendance at a traffic school is a much more accurate punishment. We will also look into previous convictions to help reduce the amount of points on your record. All of these actions together will work to help for a brighter future. At our firm, we understand how small violations can add up – even in the smallest of cases, we will do everything that we can to help you achieve your desirable result.