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Los Angeles DMV Hearing Attorneys While a traffic offense might result in immediate penalties, it is important to know that the long-term effects could be where the true problems arise. In the state of California, the DMV utilizes a system known as the DMV points system that is used to assess points for every traffic violation and at-fault traffic collision. California Vehicle Code violations can range between 1 and 2 DMV points. However, commercial drivers can be assessed 1 and half points for traffic violations committed while operating a commercial vehicle.
Frequently Asked Theft Questions What will happen on my first court date and do I have to be there if I have a lawyer? The police did not read me my rights will my case be dismissed? I only took a small item from the store.
Los Angeles Battery Defense Attorneys | LA Criminal Defense Lawyers Unlike assault, battery is more than a simple threat. Instead, battery is defined under California Penal Code §242 as the actual use of force or violence to cause a serious injury to another person.
Los Angeles Assault Defense Lawyers | Over 3 Decades Of Violent Crime Defense In LA In 1987, two former prosecutors opened the criminal defense firm Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP to fight for justice for people accused of crimes in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities. As former deputy district attorneys, we have the experience and skill to provide you with a determined defense against assault or battery charges.
Los Angeles Domestic Violence Attorney | Criminal Defense Since 1987 Just because you were arrested for Domestic Violence (DV) does not mean you will be convicted. Although Domestic Violence related offenses usually result in automatic arrests if police are called, the prosecution still has the burden of proving their case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. Meeting this standard of proof poses significant challenges to prosecutors when the case against you is not supported by any physical evidence nor independent witness testimony.
Former LA Prosecutors Now Sex Crimes Defense Experts Los Angeles Sexting Defense Lawyers In a recent FBI report, 20 percent of teens were found to have sent nude or partially nude photos of themselves via text message or posted the images online. A daring flirtation can end in humiliation with the click of a button that sends these sexually explicit photographs viral.
Former Sr. Prosecutors Now Defending Los Angeles Internet Sex Crimes The term “Internet sex crime” refers to any sex crime that is committed online or with computers. Due to the very technical nature of such crimes, these charges often require experienced lawyers with specific knowledge to prosecute and defend against. Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP was founded in 1989 by two former deputy district attorneys who previously prosecuted Internet sex crimes.
Underage “Zero Tolerance” DUI | LA DUI Defense Attorneys All young California drivers charged with an underage DUI have it in their best interest to contact an experienced Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer. California has a zero tolerance alcohol policy for all drivers under the age of 21. This policy means that young drivers may face drunk driving charges if their blood alcohol content (BAC) is .01 percent or more.
Juveniles Charged As Adults | Los Angeles Juvenile Crime Defense Juvenile punishments are intended to help get troubled youths back on track.
Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Attorneys | LA Drug Crime Attorneys In 1996, the state of California enacted the Compassionate Use Act outlined in §11362.5 of the Health and Safety Code. This was created to provide those with illness in California with the ability to legally obtain marijuana to use for medicinal purposes. This is because the use of marijuana has been found to help those who are suffered from cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, arthritis and other painful illnesses.
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Stephen Sitkoff

Stephen Sitkoff

Partner and Criminal Defense Attorney

Stephen Sitkoff is a partner at Sitkoff & Hanrahan who started his legal career as a deputy district attorney more than 30 years ago prosecuting cases throughout the LA criminal court system in Southern California.
Eugene Hanrahan@2x

Eugene Hanrahan

Partner and Criminal Defense Attorney

Eugene Hanrahan is both a former federal and county prosecutor and partner at Sitkoff & Hanrahan, LLP with two decades of criminal law experience. Mr. Hanrahan’s criminal defense expertise ranges from misdemeanors to serious, complex felony cases.
James Kim

James Kim

Senior Case Analyst

James possesses over a decade of legal experience and serves as the firm’s senior case analyst handling the initial calls from prospective clients.